Through the re-employment program, a group of young artist are collaborating with Palau Visitors Authority for their beautification project.

Going on their second week, these artists can be seen painting the auto shop tin wall and at the airport.

Director of Palau Visitors Authority Kadoi Ruluked mentioned that the paintings will depict Palau’s culture, but at the same time allow artists the freedom to express themselves creatively and to think of “out of the box” ideas.

The two sites show different styles of artwork, the painting at the airport leans towards Palauan symbolism with a Palauan woman wearing traditional attire surrounded by flowers. While the tin wall in the auto shop will be a mural of different types of abstract art.

The beautification project will be ongoing and PVA planned to do different artwork around Koror as well as the Babeldaob area.

The young artists mentioned that they are excited to be a part of the project even one of their mentor figure’s fellow artist Tati is excited for them as well. She went on to say that this is a really good opportunity for them.

Director Kadoi is pleased with their work ethics, talent, and can see that the artists are passionate about the project. He further stated that PVA plans to support the artists with future art endeavors.

Finally, Director Kadoi said that “once tourists start to come to Palau then they can see that the Palauan people value traditions and culture and we show it everyday through art.”

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