Kayangel State government is on hold while it waits for its Governor-Elect Richard Ngiraked and the newly elected officers of the 12thKayangel State Legislature to be sworn into office this week.

Members of the 12thKayangel Legislature took oaths of office Monday, July 6th and convened in the afternoon of the same day to pass a resolution electing Edwin T. Chiokai as the Speaker, Harrington Olebuu as Vice Speaker and Asailee Yamada as Floor Leader.  The newly appointed leaders still have to take their oaths of office before they can exercise their authorities as officers.

According to Kayangel State legislature’s Rules of Procedure, Temporary Speaker SiscaSkiwo oversees the affairs of the legislature until the officers are sworn in, which is expected to happen this week. 

Meanwhile, Kayangel State law states that the incumbent governor’s term as well as previous officers of the legislature, ends at 12 noon on the first Monday of July, which was yesterday, July 6th.

This leaves the State with no official governor or speaker as both are still to be sworn in. Kayangel State government has not adopted a caretaker government law which is allowed under RPPL 9-23 Caretaker Government Act.

Caretaker Government Act states that a State government can adopt a caretaker government law to address gaps that may occur due to delayed installation of new government.

“When an elected government fails to be installed on designated day of installation for one of the following reasons….Because it is clear who will form the next government, but they have not yet been installed into office due to a delay in the day of installation that is the result of factors that are beyond the control of the state government,”the caretaker government will take over with limited authority until such time the newly elected government is officially installed.

With no State law on a caretaker government, and with governor-elect and officers of the legislature still to be installed, the State maybe on hold until the new governor is installed which is expected to happen this Friday.

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