The Palau Visitors Authority hosted a Tri-State Customer Service & Tour Guide training on Thursday, February 23, 2023. A total of seventeen participants from Ngardmau, Ngatpang, and Ngarchelong State were able to attend. With the expertise of Ms. Motol Brell and Ms. Marka R. Gibbons, the participants were able to learn and for those who have attended before, refine their essential skills when dealing with customers. They were able to touch base on basic phone etiquette, how to deal with customer complaints, and to be well prepared and informed as tour guides representing their States. Palau Visitors Authority would like to thank the participating States, the trainers, Ngardmau State for providing the venue, and the Governors for allowing PVA to host this training.  PVA hopes to extend the training to other states in the future.

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