In 2022, Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) began its annual state attraction assessment, visiting multiple states to assess the conditions of existing and/or potential attractions. Beginning January 23rd 2023, PVA convened with 12 governors, governors of Ngchesar, Airai, Ngaraard, Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, Aimeliik, Kayangel, Peleliu, Angaur, Melekeok and Ngatpang state. The team met with them individually to share attraction and service recommendations that are viable, and may complement the uniqueness and features of each of Palau’s states.

PVA, even prior to the pandemic, recognizes the need to diversify visitor experiences and improve services in Palau. With this as one PVA’s key priorities, PVA’s annual state attraction assessments were conducted all throughout late 2022. Following the assessments, the PVA team were divided into groups to devise potential products or service improvements centering on the various types of tourism such as sustainable tourism, community-based, ecotourism and regenerative tourism– fostering a greener recovery.

The meetings with each state governor provided the opportunity to listen in on the state’s current state tourism projects and explore their thoughts on the future of tourism for their state.

“With the resurgence of tourism and the competitiveness of travel right now, we need to refine our services from the smallest detail, moreover, diversify our tourism products. Palau has many hidden gems. We see an opportunity for these states to sustainably develop their attractions and create value-added experiences. We are happy to share that each governor shares the same vision.”, says PVA Managing Director, Kadoi Ruluked.

PVA would like to thank all those who attended- governors and state representatives: Governor Duane Hideo, Ngchesar State, Governor Norman H Ngiratecheboet, Airai State, Governor Sharp Sakuma, Ngaraard State, Governor Dwight Ngiraibai, Ngarchelong State, Governor Johnston Aderkeroi, Ngardmau State, Governor Browny Simer, Aimeliik State, Governor Richard Ngiraked, Kayangel State, Governor Emais Roberts, Peleliu State, Governor Steven Salii, Angaur State, Governor Henaro Polloi, Melekeok State, and Governor Jersey Iyar, Ngatpang State!

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