Palau Visitors Authority said they are shifting their marketing dollars more toward United States tourism market in the short term.

With corona virus cases rising in Asia and travel restrictions being imposed by countries and airlines, PVA is shifting its attention to the US market.  According PVA Chairman NgiraiTmetuchl, they are fulfilling their mandate to attract FIT (free independent travelers) travelers and they are partnering with various partners to leverage the limited resources PVA has in order to reach wider audience.

One program they’ve employed in the United States is the Resident Ambassador program where they have the Palauan residents of certain States help PVA market Palau in their areas.  Such program has been implemented in California, Illinois and in Colorado.

Palau Visitors Authority marketing team recently attended trade show in Denver, Colorado which Chairman Tmetuchl reported, have highest number of divers in the United States.

During the show, some Palauan residents in Denver joined PVA booth to help promote Palau in that area.

Chairman Tmetuchl revealed that to expand their reach in the US market, they try and go places where there is a limited exposure of Palau.  For example, he said, a major trade show in Florida is attended by big tour companies from Palau like Sam’s Tours and FishN’Fins and they are already promoting Palau there so PVA goes to places like Denver to promote Palau as a destination.

The growing number of cases in the US of corona virus COVID-19 and flight restrictions imposed not only by countries but also by airlines, it may be a while before the results of the promotions can be realized in Palau.