The Palau National Scholarship Board Spring 2020 Internship Forum commenced at the Palau Community Assembly Hall on February 27th. This gave 7 recent Palauan graduates the opportunity to talk about their experiences under the Palau Fellowship Award.

Started at 2013, the Palau Fellowship Award is an internship program that gives juniors and seniors that are studying abroad a chance to return home to gain first-hand experience working in Palau.

Tkak lMekreos and Turang Rengiil interned at the Palau Supreme Court. Rengiil learned about the duties of a Probation Officer which include assisting in cases, monitoring clients, and seeking rehabilitative treatments for them.

While Mekreos was under the Human Resource department, where he assisted with the duties of the Human Resource Manager which includes calculating timesheets, compiling applications for future employees, and help with employee evaluation’s.

With a shared interest in finance both SharnelSumang and Darla Babauta pursued an internship with two agencies that deal with finance. Babauta worked with the Office of the Public Auditor where she helped auditors assess different agencies to ensure that they are following regulations and submitting proper documents.

Sumang had a specific interest in learning more about banking policies in Palau which led her to the office of the Financial Institution Commission. During her time there, she was tasked to look over and understand several polices in order to be knowledgeable on what the office is required to know.

Both Shiprah Tellames and Shanetty Masang, finance majors, interned at different agencies in Palau. Masang offered her services to Surangel and Sons Co. under the Human Resource Department. She was tasked with a lot of responsibilities which included assisting with daily attendance reports, performance evaluation, ensuring tax payments, and more.

Tellames interned with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism. She learned about the Palau National Marine Sanctuary and assisted in sourcing appropriate equipment for the PNMS.

Jeremiah Ngiratregedinterned at the Palau National Scholarship Board under Noe Yalap where he performed office duties and assisted Yalap with office work.

Collectively all the students under the Palau Fellowship Awardsaid that they have learned a lot from each of their respective offices and gained valuable work experiences that will aide them in the future.