For the first time since the pandemic began in 2019, the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) team attended its first in-person tradeshow in over two years. Palau was showcased at the Scuba Show in Long Beach, California from May 14-15th, 2022. 

The show presents an affluent and enthusiastic number of diving clientele. Scuba Show has been held in California for 35 years. In terms of the number of exhibitors and attendees, it is the largest consumer dive show in the United States.

With the current limited flight availability, PVA has been focusing on promotion in the North American and European markets. At the Scuba Show, the PVA team engaged with divers who actually have been to Palau or certainly planning a trip to Palau soon. Many shared their fond memories of Palau and are looking forward to coming back.

In talking with agents who service Palau, many expressed their concerns for lack of air transport options to Palau. They are hoping that China Airlines and Korean Airlines begin air service that allow transit passengers. Many pointed out as well the higher costs for United Airlines, “paying over $2000 for a ticket is just not with it” one passenger who had to cancel their trip due to air transport cost expressed. PVA hopes to have more discussions with airlines in addressing these issues.

Representing Palau in this tradeshow were Honorable Minister Tmetuchl of Ministry of Human Resource, Culture, Tourism, and Development, Managing Director Kadoi Ruluked, Marketing & Programs Manager Chloe Ysikl Yano, Digital Marketing Representative II Janine Tewid and a dear friend Mr. Bo Thompson, a fellow Palauan residing in California.

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