This year recipients for Melekeok State Governor Scholarship Award are as follows. Standing from front left to right are Mr. Blaine Melairei, Kalistus Polloi and Blake Melairei. The scholarship is $2000.00 every year and this year it will be divided equally among the three recipients.

Governor henaro polloi of melekeok state believes that more young people from his state should continue to further their education to the best of their abilities. Based on this believe, every year he set aside $2,000.00 From his salary as scholarship to every deserving students from the state. This scholarship was establisehd in year 2015 and awarded every year as long as he holds office.

Scholarships are awarded based on these criteria:

  1. Student is from melekeok state and completed eight years of melekeok elementary school.
  2. Student graduated from any high school of palau with a gpa of 3.5 And above.
  3. Recommendation letter from principal or teacher.
  4. Overall exemplary conduct/behavior in school and community.

Therefore, based on the above criteria, three students who graduated this year where chosen as scholarship recepients. The amount is divided evenly among these three students.
Mr. Kalistus polloi, graduate of palau high school
Mr. Blaine melairei, graduate of palau high school,
And mr. Blake melairei, graduate of palau high school
A big congratulations to the recipients!! Governor polloi further encourages and supports all students from melekeok to furhter their educations in the field of their studies, as this will ensure success and triumphs in their future lives and careers.

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