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President Tommy E. Remengesau, nearly a month after receiving Chief Justice Arthur Ngirakelsong’s letter informing him of his decision to retire from the position of Chief Justice of the Judiciary, finally agrees to accept his decision to retire.

“It is not easy to replace someone like CJ Ngirakelsong who has been leading the Judiciary for 28 years, out the 34 years of service,” expressed President Remengesau Jr.

Remengesau added that had met with CJ Ngirakelsong hoping that he would at least stay until the end of the year but said that after that meeting, he was able to understand CJ Ngirakelsong’s position and respected his decision.

Chief Justice Ngirakelsong began in 1986 as an Associate Justice at the Palau Supreme Court.  In 1992 he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after the passing of Chief Justice Mamoru Nakamua. Out of the 34 years serving at the Palau Supreme Court, 28 of those years has been as the Chief Justice. 

The Judicial Nominating Committee, a seven-member board, made up of 3 members from the Palau Bar Association, 3 members appointed by the President and Chief Justice as Chairperson, will nominate 7 people to submit to the President for his appointment.

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