President  Tommy Remengesau Jr.  on Tuesday congratulated the re-election of  Kiribati President Taneti Maamau and hoped that Palau can work with the small island nation to push forward the fight against climate change impacts.

“I look forward to closely working with you and your government to further strengthen and enhance our relationship to the benefit of our respective peoples and our shared Blue Pacific Continent,” Mr. Remengesau said in his letter.

Maamauwon  a second term as Kiribati’s president.

President Remengesau said Palau and Kiribati share the same category as small island states. The two nations are also known for their large marine protected areas. Palau for its national marine sanctuary and Kiribati’s Phoenix Islands.

 Both leaders  have also made commitment to tackle sea-level rise.

“I know you appreciate the challenge that our two nation face as a result of climate change and rising sea levels,” Remengesau added. 

The president said the re-election of Maamau was a reflection of Kiribati’s strong leadership. 

In September last year, Kiribati switched allies from Taiwan to China.

 Palau is one of the only 15 countries that recognizes Taiwan as a separate nation from China. 

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