President Remengesau yesterday was sworn -in for his fourth term as the president of the Republic of Palau where he stressed that for the next four years, it will be a “caring government, and  his administration will be working on the country’s “two greatest assets- our people and our environment.”


The 10th Constitutional government inauguration took place at the Capitol Building grounds in Melekeok State, where hundreds attended the public swearing of Remengesau and Vice President Raynold Oilouch.

Remengesau in his speech also guaranteed that the gains he started in his previous term will be carried out in his last term.

“Now we need to protect the gains that we made. Now more than ever, we need to work together to Preserve the Best, and Improve the Rest by focusing on our two greatest assets – our People and our Environment. In order to do this, we must make sure that our government is a ‘caring government’ — A government that is sensitive to the needs of the people of Palau,” Remengesau stated.

The president also laid out plans to introduced four pieces of legislation during the first days of his new term.

Remengesau announced proposed measures to  raise minimum Wage, promote high-end, high-value tourism, campaign finance reform and increase social security benefits.

“Our government must be about delivering effective services, and not about making profits. We must find a way to deliver effective programs even when they are costly, because the welfare of everyone must be assured,” the president stated.

Remengesau also reiterated that despite the goal for economic development, the environment should not take a backseat.

“Finally, we must ensure that our economic development is sustainable and that the foundations of that growth are institutionalized.  Only then will we protect the environment for future generations while expanding our investment in and opportunities for our people,” the president noted.

The president also stressed that fighting climate change is important in his administration.

“We have also taken major steps to strengthen the resilience of our island and ocean to climate change. In doing so, we have greatly improved our food security and sustainable livelihoods, and strengthened our economy,” he stated.


He said in order to combat climate change that gravely affects vulnerable island nations like Palau, his government will continue to improve infrastructure to make the nation more climate resilient.

“This means improving water and waste-water systems across all of our communities.  It means providing high speed internet access for all of our citizens and for all of our guests,” he noted.

The president also reiterated commitments to improving   food security and sustainable livelihoods through agriculture and aquaculture development, and highlighted his famed initiative- Palau National Marine Sanctuary,  “when fully implemented, the Sanctuary will strengthen our domestic fishing capacity, thereby improving our local economy, while allowing fish stocks to rebound both in our waters and throughout the Pacific Ocean.”

Remengesau said his administration will also be working to come up with an Management Action Plan to improve the performance of the Executive Branch of the National Government in order to contain costs and facilitate expanded opportunities for sustainable revenue growth. [/restrict]