A new report said that Pacific Island Countries (PICs) still faces a hurdle in accessing global climate financing.

The report is released ahead of the Thirty-sixth meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board this week, 

We need a flexible GCF that is more responsive to the needs of the Pacific. This paper proposes ways that the GCF can meet our needs for adequate, predictable and timely access to climate finance, “said the Pacific Islands Forum’s Director for Programmes and Initiatives, Zarak Khan said in a press release.

Climate change continue to be a threat to the Pacific but access to global climate financing is still difficult, the report said, 

“Given the climate change vulnerability of the Pacific Islands, access to finance is more crucial than ever. Pacific-SIDS require immediate assistance to address the effects of climate change.”

The report added “without additional grant-based access to climate finance, delivered at the necessary speed and scale, it is going to be extremely challenging to meet the adaptation and resilience needs of the region.”

Khan said GCF is preparing its new Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 and negotiates its second financial replenishment and the findings and recommendations in the report aim to contribute to the GCF’s continuous improvement efforts, ensuring that climate finance is accessible, responsive, and impactful for the Pacific region.

The report is jointly developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), highlighting the urgent need for reforms to improve the GCF’s effectiveness in addressing the climate crisis in the Pacific region.

“As one of the largest contributor to the GCF, the UK is listening carefully to PICs challenges, including GCF access issues in the region, and highlighting these, for action at the highest level,” said the British High Commissioner to Fiji, Dr. Brian Jones. 

One of the major challenges identified in the report is the complex accreditation requirements imposed by the GCF, which create a cumbersome process for PICs. 

“The time investment needed to understand GCF policies and requirements, coupled with high fees and the need to develop new policies, poses significant barriers for accessing climate finance. The report recommends streamlining the accreditation process and providing clearer guidance on utilizing existing policies to ease the burden on countries seeking accreditation.”

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