The Ngaaraard government is asking the Senate for support for its planned upgrade of the state water dam.

In a letter to the Senate President Hokkons Baules last week, Gov. Sharp Sakuma said that the current dam of the state needs improvement but upgrading the water source would be costly. 

Sakuma said that work in the dam entails installing a new retaining wall and clearing all trees, scrubs, and loose soil and rock.

He added that the access road to the dam also needs improvement including the need for a concrete walkway, water tank perimeter fence, housing for additional sand filter, and new filter among others. 

“These improvements will not only ensure that our residents have access to clean and safe water but also improve the efficiency of our water system, reduce water waste, and save costs in the long run,” Sakuma said.

He said the estimated cost will be about $801,153.10 and will increase the water source from 1, 056 US galloon to 111,300 US gallons. 

Sakuma said he leaves it up to the OEK if the support can be included in the FY2023 supplemental budget.

He said the water source also serves part of Ngarchelong State. 

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