According to unofficial results of the July 11 Special Election, former Melekeok Delegate Lencter Basilius has secured a seat in the Senate.

With little over 500 votes difference between candidate Basilius and candidate C. Quay Polloi, the second highest vote-getter, it would be highly unusual to beat the difference with absentee ballots, particularly during a special election.

The unofficial results show Lencter Basilius with 1,714, C. Quay Polloi with 1,213, Salvador Remoket with 879, and Kennosuke Abel Suzuky with 336.

The special election was conducted to find a new Senator to complete the remaining term of the late Senator Jonathan Isechal.  After next Tuesday, official results will be released, and given the current standing, it can be concluded that former delegate Basilius will be the next Senator.

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