Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that currently two farmers successfully raise chickens under partnership between Taiwan and “EU-USP Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)” project in Palau.


Those two farmers are Estephan Pedro and Ulysses Yakuil from Ngardmau State. After using funding from GCCA to build the chicken huts with the help from the Taiwanese experts, Estephan and Ulysses started with a small number of chicks and both of them enjoy a good progress so far. Estephan has completed his first 24 broilers and sold 20 of them to local customers. He is raising second batch of chicks with same purpose and utilizing chicken manure as compost to help his vegetable farming. Ulysses is raising 24 layer chickens, which estimate to produce one egg per day per chicken, and is planning to receive another batch of chicks for broilers shortly.

Working with GCCA to promote local poultry farming, the Animal Production Project (APP), a Palau-Taiwan bilateral cooperation project, provides technical assistance and regular outreach to the farmers, as well as fresh feeds, chicks and chicken coop for both broiler and layer. It is anticipated that more farmers will benefit from this partnership soon.

Taiwan Embassy encourages Palauan friends who are interested in poultry farming to take advantage of APP capacity and services. For funding issue, the $5 million dollars loan for agriculture and aquaculture development provided by Taiwan government is now available in NDBP. The Embassy welcomes more inquiries and intentions to start your own profit-making businesses. [/restrict]