The Office of the Attorney General (AGO) on January 3 filed a response to the counterclaim of seized Philippines fishing vessel and argued that the boat should show proof that it has not conducted illegal fishing activities in Palau.


The AGO’s response also stated that Gene 8, a Philippine based fishing company has to prove that it was indeed making an “innocent passage” on Palau waters when it was apprehended by the Division of Marine Law and Enforcement (DMLE).

The government prosecutors also asked the court to deny the motion of counterclaim.

In a six-page answer and counter-claim filed in court   vessel Gene 8 owned by San Lorenzo Ruiz Fishing Industry, Inc., cited that the vessel should not have been arrested because it was making an innocent passage as” she was exercising her right pursuant to 7 PNC § 203 and Article I, § 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Palau which recognize the right of innocent passage and internationally recognized freedom of the high seas.” [/restrict]