January 9, Koror, Palau-The Senate Committee on Ways and Means last week recommended the passage of a measure that will establish minimum equipment and staffing standards for the ambulance in Palau.

House Bill No.9-182-10 HD2 requires that ambulance carry specified equipment, including various medical equipment, personal protective equipment , sirens and two-way radios.


The bill also creates the position of Emergency Medical Services within the Bureau of Public Safety to supervise Emergency Medical technicians and paramedics.

The measure also appropriates $65,000 to Palau Community College to create an emergency medical technician.

However since Palau is under a continuing budget until a new government is installed on Jauary 19, the committee chaired by Sen. Surangel Whipps recommended that the Office of the President earmark the funding in the Fiscal Year 2017 Unified Budget.

β€œThe committee acknowledges that adequate emergency medical services are critical to the safety and wellbeing of the people of Palau , and are necessary to minimize the harm to human life that occurs during the medical emergencies,” the committee report stated.

It also agrees that training should be provided to personnel responding to emergencies. [/restrict]