The search for the missing Chinese woman, Yumei Wang, is in progress with BPS Director Aquon saying they are still investigating while not revealing any updates of the case.

The 45-year-old female is reported to be 5 feet tall, weighing 106 lbs, and was last seen this April 2022, according to the police report.

Other reports said that she was reported missing by concerned friends and the family that she was babysitting for when she did not answer her phone and failed to show up for a meeting.

While the investigation is ongoing, her Chinese friends say they’ve reported her disappearance to the People’s Republic of China’s (PRIC) Embassy in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Palau has missing person cases nearly every year and most missing cases on land usually end well, with missing persons found alive and well. 

The last case of a missing person that disappeared while on land and turned tragic occurred in 2016 involving a young Palauan lady.  The case took a tragic turn when her remains were found two years later and were determined by FBI forensics to be the result of foul play. Her estranged husband was charged and convicted of her murder. (Island Times)

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