A Senate Joint Resolution is urging President Surangel Whipps Jr.  and Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Industries (MPIIC) to explore establishment of transportation system in the country to reduce traffic

Senate Resolution No. 11-33 stated that there seems to be an increasing number of vehicles on the road which results in traffic congestion. 

The Senate noticed that because of the growing number of vehicles on the road, it has been hard “to move around, park, or cross the street by foot.”

The traffic, it said, is especially heavy during rush hours and school hours, making it difficult  for most motorists.

The Senate cited that based on the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation , 6,982 vehicles were registered in 2021 and as of Sept. 30 , 2022,  there are 4,360 vehicles registered. 

The resolution said public transport will serve  “ entire demography of society,”  regardless of their “ financial status, ethnicity  and religion.

The Senate said a public transportation is a more cost effective way to improve the economy, it also helps on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 

The vast number of vehicles also contribute to more scraps in the dumpsite which can be an environmental burden.

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