By: L.N. Reklai

October 9, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Large representation of Palau’s national and state leadership and citizens of various states joined Palauan citizens in Guam last week to celebrate Palau’s Independence Day.


Vice President Raynold Oilouch represented the Executive Branch to deliver a message to the Palauan citizens in Guam.  Senate President Hokkons Baules and Senate Vice President Kerai Mariur with Senators Aric Nakamura, Phillip Reklai and Frank Kyota represented the Senate.

House Vice Speaker Lucio Ngiraiwet and other delegates represented House of Delegates. Number of governors and legislators of various states also arrived in Guam for the occasion.

Senate President Baules delivered a message on behalf of the Senate. In his message he stated, “we renew our dedication to preserve and enhance our traditional heritage and national identity. We take pride that we as a people, we have been successful in doing this through the strength of caring and close knit nuclear and extended families rooted in tradition and built upon our unique culture..”.

Palau’s Independence Day celebration in Guam is the largest celebration of Palau’s Independence Day outside of Palau and has been growing every year.

Each year the number of people representing Palau government as well as citizens travel to Guam to celebrate the Independence Day increases.   The event in Guam is hosted fully by Palauan community of Guam. [/restrict]