A seventy-year-old woman sustained a sprained neck after a car she was driving fell into the ditch in Ngechesar State while trying to avoid hitting another car that was ahead of hers on Sunday, November 24.

Fire and Rescue Chief Godwin Philip, in an interview, said that Francisa Tkel sustained a sprain on her neck when her car overturned while trying to avoid another car ahead of her.

The chief said that Tkel’s car and another vehicle were driving down the same road on their way to attend a funeral when the incident happened.

Chief Philip said that based on their initial report, Tkel allegedly failed to maintain a good distance from the car ahead of hers so that when the driver of the other car suddenly stepped on the brake at an intersection, she tried to avoid hitting it which led to her car falling into the ditch instead.

Police, after receiving the report, deployed responders who assisted the injured woman by applying a first aid.

Police is still conducting further investigation on the incident. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)