The office of Palau Visitors Authority is pleased to announce that the Palauan Night Market will be held this Friday, September 2, 2016 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Ernguul Central Park, featuring the northernmost State in Babeldaob, Ngarchelong State which was called “Rteluul” in the olden days.

Ngarchelong State has well known and frequently visited attractions which are the Stone Monoliths “Badrulchau”, Lighthouse “Todai” and is also well heard of when it comes to environmental conservation efforts.  As for local food Ngarchelong State is known for giant clams “kim”, and taro “kukau”.


Palau Visitors Authority provides opportunities for each State in Palau to host the Night Market and to showcase their special food, arts & crafts and performances.  Some local favorites such as clams cooked in coconut milk “Eluit el Kim”, pounded taro “belsiich”, “Elbakl”, tapioca “diokang”, breadfruit “meduu” , bananas as well as various types of seafood will be sold at the Night Market.

Everyone is welcome to the Night Market to support Ngarchelong State as they showcase their best delicacies and performances.  The Ngarchelong women dance group and the Tilorch Dancers will entertain this evening with their traditional and contemporary performances.  There will be live band entertainment throughout the night by Fredrick Olsudong and Sheldon.  For this Night Market we will also have a special guest from Japan who will be showing us her graceful skills with “Taiko” or Japanese drums.  If you haven’t seen a live “Taiko” performance, now is your chance to see it.

The Night Markets are part of Palau Visitors Authority’s efforts in partnership with local businesses to provide opportunities for the businesses to sell their products to locals and tourists and it’s also a place where tourists can mingle with the local people and learn about the Palauan culture, taste the local food and have an enjoyable time in Palau.  Come and join us in sharing the Palauan hospitality to our visitors

If you are interested in selling your products at the Night Market, or to take part in the program please contact Kate Mad at 488-2793 or 488-1930.  [/restrict]