United States and some of its territories have been deporting convicted Palauan citizens to Palau in recent years, many for serious crimes including sex crimes such as rape, sexual abuse of minors and others.

At least 13 were deported from Guam to Palau for sexual offenses according to Guam Sex Offender Registry.

Palau Penal Code Chapter 17 was amended in 2016 creating a Sex Offender Registry or a listing of all persons convicted of sex crimes.  The law requires those who were convicted of sex crimes after release, probation, parole or other conditions, to sign up with both Office of the Attorney General and Bureau of Public Safety, providing information about their residence, jobs, pictures and other information required by law.

The law also requires those that were convicted of similar crimes in other jurisdictions or outside of Palau to register to both agencies within three business days upon arriving in Palau.  Registration with Bureau of Public Safety is required in order to obtain from the covered offender finger prints, latest photographs, and other registration information.

The law also require anyone who is a registered Sex Offender in other jurisdictions to also register here if that person will be in Palau more than 10 days.

Furthermore, the law authorizes public access to information about the covered offender to be provided by both public internet access and on-site public access.

Currently, list of all deportees with their information are sent to Ministry of State and that information is then transmitted to Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.

Ministry of Justice currently does not register the offenders and according to Vice President Oilouch, this is done by the Office of the Attorney General.

This reporter was unable to confirm whether there is an on-site public access to the Sex Offenders Registry but none was present on-line. (L.N. Reklai)