Palau Minister of Health Gaafar J. Uherbelau (standing, third from right) and local medical professionals with a medical mission’s team from Shin Kong Hospital.

January 26, 2023

Since November of last year, medical teams from the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Hospital (SKH) have visited the Republic of Palau to provide the community with much-needed medical assistance.  Medical services offered included plastic surgery, emergency medical care, pediatric medical consultation, eye care, dental care, and neurosurgery.  In total, the SKH doctors have seen 527 patients and conducted 16 surgeries (6 orthopedic surgeries & 10 plastic surgeries).

A number of SKH healthcare professionals have been part of the medical missions including Dr. Li-Ming Tseng (emergency doctor), Dr. Yu-Ting Tseng (emergency doctor), Dr. Shih-Hui Chen (pediatrician), Dr. Tien-Lin Kuo (pediatrician), Dr. Yao-Jen Chang (plastic surgeon), Dr. Chen-Lun Chu (orthopedist), Dr. Chee-Tat Lam (neurosurgeon), Dr. Tzu-Yun Kao (ophthalmologist), Dr. Yen-Ting Han (dentist), and Nurse Shiao-Jing Chiu. 

SKH would like to highlight a few of the medical assistance that they were able to conduct.  Dr. Chu completed an orthopedic surgery with serial portable X-ray images which are generally under a c-arm x-ray machine.  Dr. Chen discovered that a number of children in Palau suffered from atopic dermatitis.  She was able to provide care assistance and teach parents about proper skin care for their children.  Dr. Han is the first dentist sent from SKH to Belau National Hospital.  She was able to provide assistance with periodontitis and oral care as well as establish a medical collaboration with the oral health clinic at the Belau National Hospital.

In addition to medical services, the SKH teams participated in educational exchanges & sessions with the local doctors and healthcare professionals.  SKH also donated equipment, medication, and medical supplies in support of improving the quality of care at the Belau National Hospital.  The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health & Human Services (MHHS) thanks Shin Kong Hospital for its continued partnership and support.

Shin Kong Hospital is a renowned medical facility in the Republic of China—Taiwan with specialty departments in over 40 medical fields.  Since 2007, it has partnered with the Belau National Hospital in order to provide medical assistance to the people of Palau.  SKH also conducts the Taiwan Medical Program (TMP) which is funded by the Republic of China— Taiwan Government.  The medical missions are made possible through the collaborative partnership between the Shin Kong Wu Ho Su Memorial Hospital and the Palau Ministry of Health & Human Services.

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