BY:Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

Palau is still waiting for financial assistance for those whose homes were partially damaged by Typhoon Surigae.

As previously reported at the press conference, those whose houses were totally destroyed will receive $1,000 while those whose homes were partially damaged will receive $200 dollars.

At this week’s press conference, President Whipps stated that “we have already received 50,000 dollars from Australia and we’re waiting for the rest which will be distributed by Palau Red Cross”.

In an interview with Palau Red Cross executive director Maireng Sengebau, she clarified that “the $50,000 was funding for assessments” following the aftermath of Surigae. However, she stated that “Palau Red Cross had been awarded 100,000 dollars which will be distributed to those whose homes were partially damaged by the typhoon. Maireng also shared that the said financial assistance will be available very soon after it comes through Red Cross’ regional office.

She also explained that the said $100,000 is not enough to cover the 200 dollars financial assistance per partially damaged household and Palau Red Cross has been diligently doing its job as the auxiliary arm of government by seeking additional funding.

“Since there are numerous sources of funding that are geared toward this effort, by the end of this month July 31, Palau Red Cross will issue a progress report that will reveal the status of the funds that will aid Surigae victims,” assured Sengebau.

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