Citing attempts to re-organize the House and lack of performance

A House Resolution No. 11-12-10s introduced by House Speaker Sabino Anastacio and House Officers removed Delegate Swenny Ongidobel of Ngeremlengui from committee chairmanship and reassigned the Committee.

In his statements justifying the resolution, Speaker Anastacio said that Delegate Ongidobel has been trying to re-organize the House of Delegates for the last two years.  Furthermore, he said Delegate Ongidobel has not been doing any work.

Delegate Ongidobel responded that the action taken by the resolution was meant to embarrass and degrade him because he does not always toe the line.  He said that he had done the work assigned to him. He said that at least the concerns should have been raised with him before the resolution so that he could explain his side.

Anastacio asserted that Ongidobel is not a team player, and everyone has difficulty working with him.

The debate got heated when Ongidobel sought to cut the discussion and call for a vote, saying that everyone had decided his fate without giving him a chance to explain himself.  Speaker Anastacio heatedly accuses him of trying to sway new delegates, naming Ngarchelong Delegate Sinsak as one of those that met with him.

Delegate Sinsak interjected, demanding to know if Speaker Anastacio was accusing him of meeting with Ongidobel.  The speaker responded by saying that Sinsak was a freshman and should respect senior delegates.

With the debate heating up, other members were heard calling for a vote.  The votes had two no and 14 yes.  Of the 14 yes, five were outright yes, while the rest abstained, counted as yes votes.

Although the resolution cited two reasons for removing Ongidobel from House Committee chairmanship, attempting to reorganize the House and poor work performance, the discussion on the floor during the House Special Session yesterday was more on the alleged attempt by Delegate Ongidobel to reorganize the House leadership.

Speaker Anastacio reiterated that removing Ongidobel from Committee Chairmanship does not remove him as a Delegate. He will continue to vote and discuss bills as is his right on the House floor and in the committees, he is a member of.

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