Social Security Administration’s Board of Trustees has agreed to pay the Supplemental Benefit shortfall for retirees up until March 1, 2021. Retirees are guaranteed to receive the next Supplemental Benefit payment on March 1, 2021.
Retirees lined up to Social Security Administration’s Office last week to make adjustments to their accounts after the announcement came out that the funds appropriated under the Continuing Budget Resolution to pay the Supplemental Benefits is not enough to pay the next allotment.
In addition, phone calls were made to congressmen and media by retirees voicing their concerns over the removal of the $100 from their benefits.
One retired teacher was worried that her loan may default if the extra money she was getting through the Supplemental Benefits is stopped. Many others voiced similar concerns, with some citing the proposed increase in utilities rates, will make life much more difficult for them.
Senate President Hokkons Baules when reached said they plan to extend the benefit under the new budget up to September 30, 2021. “We are expecting the budget from the administration and we plan to continue the benefits until September 30.”
Supplemental Benefits includes 2 add-on benefits, a $50 dollar-a-month add-on to Social Security benefit and $50 dollar a month to specific SS Retiree and Disability Beneficiaries. For many retirees, this comes to a $100 on top of their regular monthly benefits. These Supplemental Benefits are funded through direct government appropriation and do not come from Social Security Administration’s fund.
Under RPPL 10-58, Continuing Budget Resolution, extended budget for Supplemental Benefits for 6 months while the Continuing Budget Resolution was extended until March 31st. The budget appropriation fell short after the February 1st payment and SSA had to inform the beneficiaries that the $100 Supplemental Benefits will stop after February 1st payment.
Since this announcement, ongoing discussions has been going on between OEK and Social Security Administration, and the funding for March 1st has been secured while OEK seeks to include the benefits under the FY 2021 budget.

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