Second Official Handoverof goodsto the Government of Palau

The UNDP Pacific Office, through Japan funded Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience (EDCR) project, in collaboration with the Government of Palau, is working towards strengthening Palau’s preparedness and resilience to disasters.  The EDCR project in Palau was initiated in March 2019.

The implementation challenges due to COVID 19 has affected the shipping routes of supplies and hindered the travel of experts to provide in country training. However, despite this, the EDCR project continues to make solid progress towards strengthening the country’s preparedness and response to future disasters. The second official handover of goods to the Palau government will include the following items:

  • A utility boat with accessories for use by National Emergency Management Office (NEMO)
  • Search and rescue equipment for use by Bureau of Public Safety Ministry of Justice, Division of Fire and Rescue
  • Two SUVs one for use by NEMO and the other will be handed over to National Weather Service Office (NWSO)
  • One Pick Up truck for use by NWSO

The total value of goods is approximately $341 000.00.

What: Second Handover of Goods to Palau Government

When: 14 August, 9am to 10:30am

Where: National Weather Service Office, Koror, Palau

The project aims to improve the capacity for preparedness and mitigation of Palau’s resilience to human-made, geo-physical, climate and other related hazards and enhancing resilience to climate change impact.  The outcome will be achieved through 3 expected outputs:

  1. Strengthened gender sensitive Disaster Communication and Climate Monitoring Systems
  2. Enhanced gender sensitive National and State Disaster Responders readiness capacity
  3. Enhanced Community Disaster Resilience through improved water resource management, and integrated gender and social inclusion awareness

For more information, or media interviews please contact:

Aleyda Valdes, Country Project Coordinator Palau, Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience in the Republic of Palau through Improved Disaster Preparedness and Infrastructure, UNDP Office in Palau, Tel: +680 488 3394 Cell: +680 7753433; Email:  aleyd a.vald es@und

Zayaan   Jappie, Communications Specialist, Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience  in the Republic of the Marshall  Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia  and the Republic  of Palau  through Improved  Disaster Preparedness  and Infrastructure,  UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji,  Tel: +679 322 7565; Email:  zayaan.jappie@und

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