In 2019, the Protected Areas Network (PAN) initiated joint efforts with the Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection that aims to create a training program to enhance enforcement coordination and develop a conservation academy curriculum for PAN Rangers. The collaborative project is meant to (1) improve capacity building to support enforcement and surveillance activities, (2) create and operationalize key institutional mechanisms and procedures to enable on-site enforcement and surveillance activities, (3) establish clear, coordinated, and legally robust citation process in place with clear roles and responsibilities of relevant parties, and (4) enhance coordination in the implementation of the activities associated with the PAN Enforcement project and all relevant partners involved in the special project.

As the training program and curriculum is being developed, PAN Rangers in Babeldaob and Kayangel together with Fish & Wildlife have already begun cross site surveillance operations for both marine and terrestrial PAN sites. PAN Rangers have split into surveillance teams in their respective regions representing North, East, and West coast. During these scheduled regional surveillance missions, PAN Rangers are accompanied by Fish & Wildlife officers to help with border enforcement between state boundary lines to ensure that state and national environmental laws are not violated. With this ongoing partnership and collaboration, Palau will be able to improve its enforcement and conservation efforts to effectively manage Palau’s natural resources for future generations to come.


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