The Palau National Olympic Committee and Chinese Taipei National Olympic Committee have stengthened their commitment to sports collaboration and shared opportunities by renewing their Memorandum of Understanding. The official signing ceremony took place in Taipei, Taiwan on March 14th, 2023, attended by key representatives for both NOCs, including Palau NOC President Frank Kyota, Secretary General Baklai Temengil, Board of Director Alonz Moses, and NOC staff Kenny Reklai. The significant event was also graced by the presence of the Chinese Taipei Sports Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency David Orrukem of Palau Embassy in Taipei, and the respective Chinese Taipei National Sports Federation.

The signing of the MoU signifies a new chapter in the sports relationship between Palau and Chinese Taipei, fostering deeper collaboration and exchange in various areas of sports development. Both NOCs are committed to leveraging this renewed partnership to promote athletes’ development, coaching education, sports science, and management practices.

During the official visit, Palau NOC President Frank Kyota and the accompanying delegates were honored with a courtesy visit by Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, former Ambassador to Palau and currently serving as the Director General of the East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The discussion centered around the vital role of sports diplomacy in strengthening bilateral relations and promoting cultural understanding between Palau and Taiwan.

Palau NOC delegates had the privilege of visiting prominent sports institutions in Taiwan, including the Taiwan National Training Center and the National Taiwan University of Sports. These visits provided valuable insight into Taiwan’s state-of-the-art training facilities and innovative programs designed to enhance athletes’ performance. In-depth discussions were held to explore potential future exchange programs between Palau and Taiwan facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise in various sporting disciplines.

Palau NOC President Frank Kyota expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Taipei National Olympic Committee for their warm reception and shared enthusiasm for collaboration. He stated, “The signing of the MoU marks a significant milestone in our sporting partnership. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to working closely with our counterparts in Chinese Taipei to foster athlete development, capacity building, and sports excellence”.   Furthermore, the Palau NOC President Kyota extended invitations to officials in Taipei during the meetings to visit Palau and join the Palau Omal Marathon in June and the Belau National Games, forging partnerships and for Palau to share and showcase Palau sports activities and hospitality.

The renewed commitment between Palau NOC and Chinese Taipei NOC highlights the power of sports in bridging cultures, promoting friendship, and creating a platform for mutual growth and understanding. This collaborative effort will certainly contribute to the development of sports in both Palau and Taiwan, leaving a legacy for future generations between Palau and Taiwan through Sports. 

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