A rusted fishing vessel which sunk last August off of Ngerchaol Island is drawing concerns after the oil booms placed around it to contain leaking fuel opened at either end, allowing the flow of diesel into the surrounding bay.
The oil barrier was implemented by the Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) and the Koror State Rangers last August to contain spillage in an area of around 500 square feet, but community members have said that the barrier is now failing to contain much of this fuel and is polluting the water around it.
Representatives from EQPB said they will look at the vessel, but otherwise have yet to comment on the vessel’s current state.
The fishing vessel, which a press release issued by the EQPB last August refers to as “Venus 103”, is allegedly a Korean fishing boat belonging to Mr. Kim Sung Gi which sunk on August 7, 2020. Diesel sheen and debris were observed in the water surrounding the sunken vessel. According to the release, following the implementation of the oil booms, absorbent pads were applied to the water surface to soak up the spilled oil, which, along with debris, were collected and disposed of over a period of three days.
According to another EQPB release, members of EQPB, Koror State Rangers, and the Bureau of Marine Transportation met on August 20 of last year to assess disposal of the sunken vessel. Assessments determined that the fishing vessel will need to be re-floated and sunk again in an area approved by the EQPB and the Rangers.

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