Taiwan Embassy donates $1,000 to Ngaraiebong Foundation. March 31, 2022 Ambassador Jessica C. Lee handed over $1,000 cash donation to Ngaraiebong Foundation members in support of foundation’s projects and community awareness of traditional knowledge for Iebukel Hamlet, Ngarchelong. Ngaraiebong Foundation is composed of Ngaraiebong Council of Chiefs.

In a simple ceremony at Iebukel Bai ObakraIebukel Lorenzo Ngiramolau foundation President, Vice President Eol Galileo Saiske, Secretary/treasurer IechadraRrei Bruce Rimirch and members Esang Helbert Martin, Ringo Ultirakl representing his father IechadraMochewang Skilang Ultirakl, Iechadra Tmerab Uchellas Ngirachitei and IechadraNgerwikl Rideph Emesiochel, Iebukel Legislator Ngirablau Sambal and State Public Works director Murphy Wasisang joined together with the chiefs receiving the donation. Rubasch Suebedian Ubedei ane Obechadeltebechel Tom Stomu Mochimaru were not able to attend and IechadraNgeschei is vacant due to the passing of late Caleb Tekriu.

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