Remarks by Ambassador Wallace Chow & Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai

Taiwan Alumni Association in Palau(TAAP) held its 10th Annual Convention on November 19th at Palasia Hotel. Around 40 people, including TAAP members, staff from Taiwan Embassy and Palau Ministry of Education attended the event.
Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai in his remarks expressed his gratitude to the Government of Taiwan for providing a variety of capacity-building opportunities to Palau and believed that the engine for the development of Palau is human resource. He also mentioned that although Palau is during a transiting time, he was confident that the close relationship between Taiwan and Palau would grow even stronger in the future
Taiwan Ambassador Wallace Chow said Taiwan has been offering different types of scholarship opportunities to Palauan students every year, and has been always willing to share its experience and resource in education with the brotherly country Palau. There were more than 120 students awarded the said scholarships and most of them came back and make contributions to Palau. Ambassador Chow also hoped all the scholarship students and training students could see Taiwan as their second home.
Ambassador Chow also said, during this pandemic period, Taiwan careds not only the medical filed but also the educational issue. Therefore, Taiwan Government had decided to make a special donation of 400,000 USD to the MOE’s ‘Remote Learning Program’ and he asked Minister Sinton to receive the grant on behalf of the Palauan Government.
Three TAAP members who just finished their degree this year and one finished his training last year were invited to do presentations and share their experience in Taiwan. They are Mr. Keith Mesebeluu from NRET, Antoni Soalablai from PICRC and Francis Tkel and Shandle Techitong of MOJ.
The participants enjoyed the night and hope after the pandemic, they could visit Taiwan very soon.

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