On September 13, the government of the Republic of Palau hosted a handover ceremony of 12 sets of desktop computer donated by the Republic of China (Taiwan). Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Ambassador Jessica Lee and Ismael Aguon, Director of Public Safety, gave remarks at the ceremony. The Chief of Staff and Chiefs of all divisions of Bureau of Public Safety were present to witness the ceremony.

Ambassador Lee noted in her remark that Taiwan is very proud to partner with Palau, Ministry of Justice to build the information management system, software and hardware.  Criminal investigations are battle of brain and brawn and a race against time. The integrated system is a much needed countermeasure to assist the authority to share and collect information to combat crimes. The donation of the computers is the first step for Taiwan and Palau’s cooperation on judicial matters, especially after Madam Vice President visited Taiwan and signed the “Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” and “MoU on Forensic Pathologist” last month. She emphasized, we all face increasing transnational organized crimes. No countries can do it alone and the collaboration is the key to effectively combat the transnational crimes.  We look forward to more collaboration between Taiwan and Palau in judicial issues and law enforcement to safeguard lives, peace, properties and social orders.

Vice President Sengebau Senior expressed the deepest gratitude of the Republic of Palau to the Republic of China (Taiwan) for being a strong supporter for Palau’s public safety and gives Palau the capacity to secure peace, security and safety of the People. She also expressed her gratitude to be invited to Taiwan and signed the “Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” and “MoU on Forensic Pathologist” with the Minister of Justice of ROC. She recited that the agreement will allow and provide mutual assistance through relevant authorities in connection with investigation and prevention of offenses related to criminal matters.  And the MoU will provide the forensic information Palau needs to be able to complete the investigation and prosecution process. As a chair of Committee on the National Emergency, she has signed the “Agreement on Collaboration in Capacity Building and Technology Transfer of Disaster Risk Management” with the Minister of National Science and Technology Council of ROC, which will assist NEMO with disaster response and disaster preparedness and recovery.

The 12 sets of desktop computer will be distributed throughout 7 divisions of the Ministry of Justice to create Information Management System, a database driven, secure and integrated platform which will allow high performance of data process for the Ministry. (E)

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