Several members of the Taiwan Triathlon Association will be visiting Palau starting May 30 to forge partnerships with various federations here for potential sports tourism exchange between Palau and Taiwan.

Palau Visitors Authority Operations and Program Director Kadoi Ruluked said in a Belau Tourism Association (BTA) meeting on Tuesday that the association and some of its members will be in Palau from May 30 to June 2.

Ruluked said it was in the recent Taiwan Taipei Tourism Expo, where it was decided that the members of the association will start working with the federation here to develop sports exchanges and jointly organize sports events, such as triathlon competitions.

He said that PVA Chairman of the Board of Director Ngiraiblas Tmetuchl, invited the head of the Triathlon Association to visit Palau to move forward with the partnership.

Tmetuchl headed a delegation from PVA to attend the tourism expo in Taiwan this month.

Ruluked said the association would work with the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs and several federations involved in triathlon.

Palau is diversifying its tourism, with its aim of tourism reset, it is tapping into the niche markets such as eco-based, cultural, sports, and weddings, and honeymoons market.
Visitors from Taiwan are Palau’s third key source of arrivals. Ruluked with sports exchanges Palau would be able to enhance arrivals from Taiwan.  (Bernadette H. Carreon)