Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Ching-te will visit Palau from November 1st to 3rd next week to boost two-way tourism between Taiwan and Palau.

Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Ching-te

Reciprocating the recent visit of Palau’s President Surangel Whipps to Taiwan, Vice President Lai Ching-te will be coming with a delegation of 102 people from Taiwan that include travel agents, tour companies, Taiwan government representatives, aquaculture experts, investors, and representatives of various Taiwan counties. 

 “It’s all about revitalizing and reconnecting and rebuilding our economy,” expressed President Whipps of the purpose of Taiwan VP Lai Ching-te’s visit.

In the report this week of his state visit to Taiwan, Whipps expressed his appreciation to the Taiwan government for helping Palau revitalize its economy by helping promote more flights and two-way tourism between the two countries.

Meetings with airlines and travel agents while in Taiwan brought out some of the obstacles that prevent robust travel between the two countries, including Palau’s short airport runway’s impact on airlines’ decisions and pricing. 

Another obstacle is the perception that Palau tourism product is limited to rock islands and young people.  “We need to show that there is more to Palau than just rock islands and diving.  We must introduce the concept that it is open to all ages.”

“We want to thank the people of Taiwan for their commitment, acknowledging that our economy is important and want to do their part to help us jump-start our economy,” stated President Whipps.

Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te is expected to reveal, during his visit, new airline schedule plans at his public address at the Capitol.

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