Three individuals, two men and one woman have openly declared their intentions to run for the one seat in the Senate in the upcoming special election in December. 

The Speaker of the Angaur Legislature, Jackson Henry, the radio and television station owner and producer Salvador Tellames, and the environmentalist and Ebiil Society Managing Director Ann Singeo have announced their candidacy for the Senate seat, recently vacated due to the untimely passing of the late Senator Regis Akitaya.

Below is the interview with the candidates about their decisions to run for the Senate seat.  Responses from candidate Jackson Henry are published here.  Responses from candidates Tellames and Singeo will be coming in the next issue.

Candidate Jackson Henry:

Q:        You have decided in such a short time to run for office, given the recent vacancy. What is the driving issue that affected your decision to run? 

A:        My motivation to provide solutions to help rescue our failing economy.  The nation’s economic predicament resulting from Covid19 and the social security crisis resulting from massive outmigration and reduction of employees paying into the system prompt me to seek higher office to solve these pressing issues. With solid banking, real estate, insurance and finance experience, coupled with legislative experience as President of Angaur State Legislature, I am confident that I can provide solutions to build a vibrant economy that embraces our nation’s priority in creating financial opportunities to all Palauans.

Q.        What do you believe are the top three (3) issues facing the Republic that lawmakers need to address?

A:        Increasing government revenues, building s robust economy to rescue SS, and creating jobs with high compensation.

Q:           Of the 3, which is the one of immediate priority?

A:        Generating new revenues for the Government with new revenue-generating legislations. The economy is #1 priority.

Q:        .    What is one skill set you have that you believe is needed or will make a difference with you being in OEK?

A:        My solid Education and Hands-On Experience in Banking and High Finance.

Q:        In brief, what would you say to voters to make them choose you as their next Senator?

A:        Choose a Senator with proven experience in Finance, Banking and Entrepreneurship. These are the critical skill needed to revitalize our economy.

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