On September 10, 2021, a virtual tour event called “Virtual Travel & Cultural Experience” was held at the Belau National Museum. This event was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan) and was coordinated by the ROC(Taiwan) Embassy, the Palau Visitors Authority, and the Belau National Museum.

The virtual tour was conducted using a telepresence robot here in Palau that was remote-controlled from Taiwan, connecting a Taiwanese audience to experience virtual travel in Palau. The innovative tour on the museum grounds showcased a glimpse of Palau’s culture such as the history of the Bai, as well as wood carving, weaving and pottery-making as local artisans demonstrated the crafting in real time. The use of the robot can be a new way of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic and can bring in opportunities to boost the travel bubble economy, allowing Taiwanese travelers to have a taste of the on-land attractions and traditional culture of this Pristine Paradise. Moreover, the robot can be utilized for any other virtual event, connecting Palau to all parts of the world.

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