By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

Forty students of Takatsuki High School in Osaka, Japan have held an international field trip for research on health in the Islands on November 13, 2016. [restrict}

MOH Pulse reported the students who come from a boys’ boarding school have previously visited Palau in 2015 and had established a partnership with Mindszenty High School (MHS).

This year 2016, Takatsuki High School expanded its friendship with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a mission to learn about the health profile of Palau.

At a courtesy visit paid to Belau National Hospital, the students were able to meet with the Minister, Directors and an epidemiologist. The students asked many health questions regarding obesity, substance abuse, and environment issues.

The students were very pleased with their tour of the facility and the responses they received from the representatives of the Ministry.

As a way of showing their appreciation, their faculty presented a token of appreciation to the Minister of Health.   {/restrict}