Collin Takeo and Norman Ngiratecheboet edged out the two other candidates of the Airai State governor race after the Airai Gubernatorial Primary Election on Wednesday and are the final candidates in the upcoming Airai State 9th General Election, to be held in March of this year.

Collins Takeo led with 232 votes out of the 606 total votes cast. Norman Ngiratecheboet followed with 175 votes. Dave Orrukem received 147 votes while Clarence Kitalong received 47. The total registered voters of Airai State are 1,448; only 606 votes were cast by 42% of total voters.

The two contenders for the Airai governorship stated specific ideas on how to manage the state under the current pandemic conditions, particularly looking for ways to bring in revenue to the state. Both openly advocate bringing in more businesses to Airai and expanding lease options to the people of Airai.

The Airai electorate will decide which of the two will lead their state at their general election in March.

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