Earlier this month two teens were caught by a police official smoking Marijuana at Ngerkesoal smoking Marijuana near a store.

According to an official at Bureau of Public Safety, Shyler Eyoel and Daizy Lemei who are both 18 were caught with less than an ounce of marijuana and were cited for possession of marijuana.

The incident took place on morning of July 1 and both the teens were caught near the LURS store at Ngerkesoaol.

The owner of LURS said that a police official approached the teens and took them to the police station when he caught them smoking marijuana.

According to the owner, he was questioned by the authorities about the incident to which he responded that he was not aware of any details and the teens were smoking a little ahead of the store and not exactly in front.

Palau has locally grown marijuana easily available and often minors are found smoking marijuana in isolated locations.

According to the last Island Times report, in 2017 a group of 84 citizens of Anguar state signed a petition requesting the law makers to create a law permitting medical use of marijuana in their state. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)