Salvador “Sadoi” Tellames, radio broadcaster and owner of Palau Wave Radio, leads in the race for a Senate seat in the special election held on December 13, 2022, according to unofficial results released by Palau Election Commission.

“He wins Koror, he wins the race as Koror has the most votes,” said President Whipps, congratulating Tellames on his clear win.

Salvador “Sadoi” Tellames holds a chiefly title in Koror, with extended relationships in Koror, the most populous state in Palau.  He is also a long-time media personality, his voice recognizable all over Palau after more than 30 years on the radio, public and now private radio.

He was the 14th vote-getter in the 2020 national election, where he also ran for Senate. That race sought 13 senators, and he was the 14th, close runner for the 13th seat.

The unofficial results of the Special Election include all central, proper, absentee and confined votes, except for Sonsorol and Hatohobei states propers.  Votes from both states’ proper boxes are unlikely to change the outcome of this election, given the small size of the population of both states.

Of the 16,677 registered voters, 5,065 or 30% of the total registered voters cast their votes in this election.  Mr. Tellames received 1,661 votes, followed by Mr. Lentcer Basilius with 1,346.  Ann Kloulechad Singeo received 1,200 votes, and Jackson Henry received 815 votes.

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