“It is great to be able to connect with some of the producers of products and supplies that we really need here.  We can get some of the items that we r need from Taiwan for half the price we get on Amazon,” said Sam Scott, owner of Sam’s Tours and President of Palau Chamber of Commerce, during the Trade Show opening this week at Palasia Hotel.

The Republic of China-Taiwan Embassy in Palau helped organize and bring a trade show of Taiwan products and companies to Palau.

“I am excited that despite travel restrictions, we were able to bring 19 Taiwanese companies and products in, including seven (7) products that have received top Excellence Award in Taiwan on display,” said Ambassador Jessica Lee of the Republic of China-Taiwan.

“Due to trade and travel restrictions, we were not able to attract more companies in, but if this is successful, I have confidence that we will see more and more every year, and people will have something to look forward to,” added Ambassador Lee.

The trade show included food products as well as others, and two of the largest groceries on the island were present at the trade show, Surangel & Sons and WCTC.  Also, many of the smaller businesses were present to view and sample products and meet company representatives.

“I would also like to bring Palauan business to Taiwan in the future to showcase their products and promote trade,” said Ambassador Lee of the future potential of this first trade show. (

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