Left: Ms. Juliet, The Penthouse Hotel; Right: Genna Saiske, PCS Development Officer

Koror, Palau –The Penthouse Hotel made their annual $1,000 contribution to Palau Conservation Society (PCS) to support future conservation champions of Palau on February 18 2019.

The Penthouse Hotel is one of several businesses in Palau that is a PCS Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC). As a CPC, the Penthouse Hotel has been active in supporting PCS every year. This year, they are the first CPC to ensure their commitment by contributing $1,000 to support future conservation champions of Palau.

The Penthouse Hotel is a family owned business and is practically the only hotel in Koror that offers the authentic “Taste of Palau”. Their hotel restaurant is where visitors and locals alike can enjoy true Palauan cuisine such as “Sar ma Cheluch”, “Beldakl” (fish soup) or the authentic taste of “Demok” (taro leaf soup) accompanied by choice of local “Ongraol” (starch): diokang, kukau, or brak. In serving authentic local cuisine, the Penthouse Hotel demonstrates the importance of biodiversity conservation for food security and the preservation of the Palauan culture.

Since its founding in 1994, PCS has mentored many young successful Palauans that have become conservation leaders in their respective careers. This year, PCS celebrates its 25th anniversary as Palau’s first local conservation non-profit and looks to partners, members and CPCs to continue to support the success of vital conservation projects and to inspire young people across Palau to take action in protecting their natural resources.

Interested individuals or businesses can learn more about the Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) program or other ways to support PCS efforts in preserving Palau’s unique natural heritage by contacting PCS Development Officer Ms. Genna Saiske at 488-3993/4716 or gsaiske@palauconservation.org.  PCS Vision: “Healthy Ecosystems for a Healthy Palau.” (PR)