Photos show Director of Hospital & Clinical Services Dr. Ngirachisau Mekoll, President of Rotary Club of Palau Gerhardt Brackel, Secretary of Rotary Club of Palau Dr. Gregory Dever, Rotarian Yoko Morisaki, Grant Mudie and Thomas Schubert. And the 3 Thermal Body Scanners.

is pleased to handover 3 portable “Body Temperature Scanners” to the Balau National Hospital.

The Rotary Club of Palau is one of 9 clubs that belong to the Pacific Basin Group which covers Guam, Saipan, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Palau, This Group is part of one of Japan’s largest Rotary Districts and one of the most powerful among Rotary International.
At the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, this Rotary district set aside $25,000 for our region, to be used for any relief projects to fight against and mitigate Covid-19. As a result, various thermal body scanners have been donated to health institutions and other public organizations in Guam and on Saipan.
The Rotary Club of Palau in coordination with the Ministry of Health & Human Services and the Belau National Hospital, has identified that 3 standalone thermal body scanners will be best, to provide additional needed safety and protection for patients, visitors and healthcare workers at our National Hospital. The temperature scanners will be strategically placed at the entry points of the hospital.
The Rotary Club of Palau would like to acknowledge and give a special thanks to President Luckie Sakamoto of the Rotary Club of Guam Sunrise for his tireless efforts to deliver this Joint Covid-19 Relief Project to Palau.
The Rotary Club applauds and thanks all public health workers, doctors and nurses at the Ministry of Health & Human Services and the Belau National Hospital for their dedication and service to keep Palau Covid Safe.

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