Photo of Ambassador Karasawa and President Whipps with offerings in the background.
Photo of Ambassador Karasawa and President Whipps with sea in the background.

KOROR, Palau – On January 10, 2022, a handover ceremony for the Economic and Social Development Programme Disaster reduction and prevention for Palau Project was held with the presence of His Excellency President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr., His Excellency Ambassador of Japan Akira Karasawa, Honorable Minister Charles Obichang, Honorable Minister Gustav Aitaro, Beouch Demei Obakrairur, Honorable Governor Franco Gibbons, and CFO of PNCC Mr. Robert Ramarui.
The People and Government of Japan provided floating docks (about 400,000 USD) for the Koror State Government and 24 batteries (about 90,000 USD) for PNCC to support the hosting of the Our Ocean Conference scheduled on April 13 and 14. The floating docks will be installed at Jelly Fish Lake and Ngermeaus to allow guests from around the world to discover the beauty of Palau. After the conference, the Ngermeaus Island floating dock will be moved to Milky Way, a popular tourist spot within the Koror State Rock Island Southern Lagoon. The batteries will be used to ensure a stable internet and phone connection during the conference.
Ambassador Karasawa stated, “I am very glad to see that the items supported by Japan have been safely arrived in Palau. I appreciate and respect the Government of Palau for hosting such a large international conference, and am certain that Palau will successfully host the OOC.”
President Whipps expressed his deep gratitude for the support of the People and Government of Japan and stated that “equipment provided through Japanese Projects are always ‘Itto-hin.’ ” Japanese word Itto-hin translates to items made of first-class quality.
The People and the Government of Japan have provided a total of about USD 4.6 Million through UNOPS and Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) for the success of the conference, including renovation work on the Global Village, which includes rehabilitation of the roads around the Palau National Gym, the main plenary venue, as well as the renovation of Palau Nippon Stadium. Moreover, police vehicles will be delivered before the conference once the process has been completed.
The 7th Our Ocean Conference is scheduled on April 13-14 and will welcome many guests in person, including dignitaries from around the world.
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