by Alonzo Kahalic

 Dear Editor, today’s article is about Political Spin.

 Political spin, in politics, is the attempt to control or influence communication in order to deliver one’s preferred message.    -from

So here are the four topics we should address and see what kind of spin was delivered

1.      Reorganizing Ministries to do what?

2.      OEK again not doing its work on the IPP with PPUC

3.      PNMS as a business plan

4.      Year-round School calendar

 I just finished watching this video: “The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins” and started to question why all my leaders are doing their own POLY-TRICKING? I saw one post that said the meaning of poly-ticks is ‘many blood-sucking animals’ and that is how we feel when we vote for leaders who all of sudden are only out for themselves and bleeding the people dry. There is nothing wrong with getting yours. The only problem is that you step on the people to get yours. Sometimes WE the PEOPL take policymaking to mean that WE the PEOPLE will just take it like a prostate exam.

It is not fair when the scale of the economy in Palau is small and yet the price of everything is going up, yet there is no mention of a COLA adjustment nor any debate about a ‘basic income guarantee”. Look at the price of gas at 6 dollars when the minimum wage is something like 3.75, let’s say four dollars. I gotta work around 17 hours at 4 dollars an hour just to buy about 10 gallons of fuel for my car because there is no public transportation. (Hint: an industry that government can start and then eventually make a private company) but we can’t do that because our leaders are using misdirection to keep the people arguing and debating about things, they have no control over so that we do not ask the important questions or make our leaders do what they say they do. Buying me food and drinks is not going to pay my bills while you still make more money than the average person trying to buy the same things you are.

No wonder some of our people have credit at a store owned by a Bangla. The same Bangla who came as a farmworker is now a store owner holding my credit. How did someone come to Palau as a farmworker and now own a store?

Now to the other misdirection’s done in the name of efficiency and transparency or what other fancy word you want to use. It just creates action over here while you take from there. Just like I heard once, we create a fight on your front lawn so I can sneak into your back door and steal from your icebox.

Mr. President and OEK leaders why is there a need to reorganize ministries? So, you say to make it better but what is really that bad from the last two Presidents’ who had the same ministries that we need to change? This is not a private business where you can just tell your employees to do something and they do it. This is government, we voted for you and you work for us. Changing everything looks like a misdirection so no one talks about all the contracts some people get from military expansion in Palau. If you want to get yours that is fine, just don’t use the people to get yours and forget about them.

Now the OEK is complaining about fuel prices and PPUC. Did they not read the reports that they were given about the IPP back in 2020 or 2021?  Now they are complaining about the request from a bank to guarantee payment for what PPUC uses. This is the same OEK with about 5 new members who voted down the 2017 Engie proposal for good reason, then told PPUC to do an RFP process, which they did and now they are complaining about that process. The request is for the OEK to say they will not make any laws to affect the ability of PPUC from paying its responsibility to the company providing electricity from solar. But they don’t want to do this, saying the solar farm is on private land. Wow, this is the reason why banks want the sovereign guarantee. It is collateral for government projects, like collateral for a personal loan. But our leaders are too busy looking at the dirt in my eye and forgetting the log in theirs.

Prices keep going up, leaders keep making 50 thousand a year and I am making 3.75 dollars an hour. I work full time and I cannot get a second job but our leaders can continue to be lawyers and doctors. Wow. I have no words.

The last question, isn’t the PNMS already a business model? Where is Palau losing money in this? It’s like this VAT issue that was forced on us by another outside expert while our leaders don’t listen to our own experts. Now we want to have a year-round school calendar because we are saying the IOWA test says so but here on this website it says its not about student performance, so what is it about? “,,, The IOWA does not necessarily reflect the student’s achievement in the classroom.” -

The question then is does the yearlong calendar guarantee that our kids will still be able to use our language and culture? Are they able to run our economy and government? If the answer is no then the education program is not useful no matter how long it is. So why all the changes? Do you just think you are too smart that you can correct all the problems created by past leaders?

Your Humble Servant

Al Kahalic

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