by Alonzo Kahalic

Dear Editor,

Today is the article to ask questions. Just to make sure we in Palau are still a ‘representative democracy’?  We just say we are a democracy and but do we really understand what that means? Democracy is not just about YOUR individual freedoms it’s also about OUR public responsibility. For example, you have the right to free speech to say what you want but as long as it does not become a public issue (Personal Issues becoming a Public Problem). Freedom in a democracy is about Freedom from, not Freedom to. That means that the government cannot make laws to stop my freedoms, but it also means that you as an individual do not have the right to do whatever you want. As a citizen your behavior should always be measured by your individual freedom and public issues.

Therefore, my questions this month are to the President, his Minister, the SP and all our leaders.

  1. Where is Palau going? Seems like we have too many ‘so-called’ captains tell us what direction to go but no real direction. It’s like we are all on a boat and whenever the wind or water pushes the boat our leaders yell at the top of their lungs, GO THAT WAY, where is that way and what will we gain when we go there?

You know a representative democracy is when I vote for you to represent me because I am too damn busy with my everyday life to deal with the full-time responsibility needed to lead Palau. But like all things when you mix Palauan principles with American practice you get, A PARTIME LEADER GETTING FULLTIME PAY, while the people are struggling to pay for essentials. President and all Leaders stop tell us we do not have money, we know the government doesn’t have the money so go find it, that is what I voted you to do, YOUR DAMN JOB. Like someone said in a public hearing, if you cannot stand the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.

Now you all are complaining about the price of electricity and putting PPUC in your crosshairs, but no one is bring in the management of Surangel, WCTC, Payless or PIDC to say why are the prices of food this expensive? Why wasted time talking about PPUC and start talking about how to help support people. Ngiraked Tmetuchl said it very clearly that, The role of a chief is not an easy one. A man who becomes a chief has the responsibility of feeding the hungry and looking after the weak and the needy. If offence is committed by a clan member within the village, the chief is responsible for paying the penalty on behalf of the people whom he represents. Chiefs, however, do not receive compensation. We are not on salary, nor do we receive remuneration from some source. I, for example, am working very hard, twelve hours a day, because I have so many people to look after. I do not receive any compensation for this. The only resources a chief has are what he receives from the members of his clan, particularly from the women of the clan. In Palau we have a concept called tichiau.” (page 9, The bai and chief in Palau) You can email me and I can send you a digital copy of this book “Leadership in the Pacific Islands: Tradition and the Future”

So President and Leaders of Palau, ask yourself, are you, “… feeding the hungry and looking after the weak and the needy?…”

I am getting tired of our Leaders pretending to lead us when in reality they are just getting theirs,  WHILE THE PEOPLE SUFFER.

Do what you were elected/chosen to do and come up with solutions and stop telling us about the problems we already know we have.

Your Humble Servant

Al Kahalic 

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  1. Great article….I hope our elected representatives in OEK are reading this article too. By the way, it would be interesting to find out from all the promises they listed in their election fliers to see if any of them are being pursued.

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