There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of the waves coming in washing the shores then go out peacefully. Like  a beautiful melody of the ages as if an unseen hand is conducting a choir humming the tune in uncommon time.  It sounds familiar and yet not. A recurrent so well ordered alternation between strong and weak, loud and soft.  Like a good speaker who knows when to pause in silence to capture his audience.

I come from a long line of sea lovers – fishermen who respected the ocean and enjoyed the amazing underwater world in all its glory and wonder. I have never caught a fish in my entire life. Listening to their stories are exhorting.  I’m an earth person.  I choose to enjoy the sea and it’s music while standing on the ground.  And I love to watch the waves coming in and going out and hear what they are saying.  Listening to the birds calling to one another is also a favorite past time of mine.

The  Wisdom of if the Sea. The divine togetherness by the seaside; the beach listening to the waves. They go out and they come in. The sound of the ocean. The wind in the trees. The dancing grass in the wind. Sometimes I wonder- is there sounds beneath the sand? So I listen carefully.

The tolerance of the sea and the immensity of the ocean.

The love of GOD so rich and free. The Grace of Jesus Christ, so full of great wonder and surprises  the unforced rhythm of unearned favor.  No fear. Martin Luther wrote, “even if I knew the world would fall to pieces tomorrow I would still plant my apple tree.”  Live one day at a time.

I hope your dreams come true this year.

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