This year’s UNDOKAI (Angaur State Liberation Day Games of 2023) was held on October 7th in Angaur State.  Three JICA Volunteers assisted in its implementation this year.

The three volunteers who work in Koror, Ms. YAMAMOTO Arisa (- helping to improve physical education in the Ministry of Education), Ms. YAMAZAKI Maki (-supporting people’s health management through exercise in the Ministry of Health and Human Services), and Mr. ARAI Yoshiaki (-supporting development of baseball in the Palau Baseball Federation) arrived in Angaur on October 2nd to introduce and practice new activities to be held at the UNDOKAI and to teach baseball to the children.

  The three new activities introduced were Ball Toss (TAMAIRE), Bread Eating Race, and Eye of Typhoon, which are also major activities in JAPANESE UNDOKAI. It was a good opportunity to deepen the friendship between JICA Volunteers, the children, and local resident in Angaur. JICA PALAU OFFICE is currently recruiting a JICA Volunteer in the field of primary education for Angaur Elementary School to support education and deepen the mutual understanding between Angaur and Japan.

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